The pandemic shifted our perspective on aspiring businesses. Every little part about them has become a pivotal factor in its success.

In a world where digital marketing has become the token of one’s hard work, enterprises are looking for clues to reap success.

With versus Without a website

It comes in handy knowing that small details matter; A company needs to have a professional website.

Its field, revenue, or target audience do not matter when it comes to the benefits of having a website. It is crucial to know that businesses having websites are significantly better rated than others that do not.

A website is a gateway crafted to target a specific clientele; It portrays a sense of security and credibility for the clients making one’s business look more professional and customer-friendly compared to its competitors.

In other words, if a business seeks longevity and a chance to conquer its competitors: it needs to have a well-built website that serves the clients with all the information they might need.

Too much trouble?

Well, a business that overlooks potential customers and neglects the need for a wider consumer segment will eventually succumb to bankruptcy.

A chance to make more money, in the long run; that is definitely worth an investment, especially when it can be refunded by attracting one client. Creating a website does not require much effort or time when the company has a reliable IT team. Angular, Symfony, Node JS, and a lot of other technologies can be implemented to create a simple, smooth and responsive website by coding it from scratch.

Even with no knowledge in programming, a dependable website can be created and customized through content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and drupal, which allow non-IT savvy business owners to visualize their website in a matter of minutes, by some drag and drop actions.

Can not create one? Let us build it for you!

At ENIT Junior Enterprise, we believe that that there is always room for improvement. Having a modern-looking and responsive website will grant you the ability to boost the performance of your business.

A good deal is what you get when looking for a project with a junior enterprise. In a short amount of time, we make your vision a reality. A large number of creative students can deliver you the right website for your business. Specifications are respected, and agile methods are followed to ensure that results never disappoint.

In ENIT Junior Enterprise, utilizing unique technologies to deliver an appealing offer to the clients is one of our strong suits. Our team is most adept at using different software such as React JS and angular. This same team is also very capable of digital marketing; Promoting your business through SEO algorithms is no longer far-fetched as the people for the job are right here.

Still not convinced ? 93% Of Business Purchase Decisions heavily rely on the results of A Search on the web; This alone would buy anyone over but if it is still up to debate, then remember a website:

  • Helps Show professionalism.
  • Provides more information on the clients.
  • Is the best Marketing tool compared to its cost.
  • Is long lasting with low maintenance.
  • Gives Opportunities to attract new clients.

See you on your website!

Written by Baha EL GHOUL and Mohamed JALLOULI

Active members of ENIT Junior Entreprise