Humanity has always been facing challenges. We tend to adapt to the situation and evolve. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, everybody was taken off-guard. Businesses had no choice but to come up with genuine solutions to withstand these difficult times.

Then VS Now

           The general definition of a company is the assembly of two or more individuals in the same working space to produce and sell goods or provide a service for profit. As we can see, this definition cannot hold up in the current situation. Social distancing regulations made it almost impossible for most businesses to operate as they used to. Enterprises had to limit the number of employees in the working space. As a result, many employees found themselves working from home. Hence, we should review our definition of a company; let us consider it as the assembly of two or more individuals to produce goods or provide service for profit.

Dark times

           It struck out of thin air; entire systems were out of the window, and many enterprises were all out of business.

We all know that time is money, but it is now that we realized how true that is. A day without profit may cause huge companies to lay off hundreds of workers; It is way more vivid in the case of industrial and products related businesses.

As it happened there, it takes place in start-ups; Numbers suggest that most start-ups had to terminate a large portion of contracts of full-time employees. As companies try to adapt to the conditions set by the pandemic, their reputation and history take a nosedive when exploring the options to migrate to new domains.

Just because relying on employees to be present in their workstations was fundamental in some industries had led to the bankruptcy of a good percentage of businesses.

It is time people wake up and go all out to find opportunities amid this crisis before it claims their livelihood.

And there was light

           As classic as it might seem, there is no light without darkness. Covid19 left a scar on the scene threatening the livelihood of billions of people but, that was not the end. We were lucky enough to witness a spark in innovation, creativity, adaptability, and willpower.

Start-ups born from within the crisis rose to fill the gap left by the pandemic’s massive onslaught.

The entire population got forced to shut on itself and hide in hopes everything gets solved, eventually.

There came entrepreneurs who could not stay put; their plans were cooking. When they stopped coming up with ways to ease the situation, it ate them on the inside till they finally made a breakthrough.

Considering the risks associated with entrepreneurialism was no longer an option. High tech was the game, and everybody played it even for the few who took a social detour to provide services to the sick and elderly.

ENIT Junior ENTREPRISE hosting the 22nd edition of “Forum ENIT Entreprise”

           This year marks the 22nd annual “ENIT FORUM ENTREPRISE” hosted by ENIT JUNIOR ENTREPRISE online, due to the sanitary conditions.

FABEVENT, our platform of choice, is created by an entirely Tunisian company: FABSKILL. It will provide a unique experience where participants get the feeling of attending a face-to-face forum with more flexibility. Students and enterprises gather from all around the country to exchange news and information about the industry. Companies allow Students to go through various catalogs of final-year-projects and even job offers.

Moreover, there will be two roundtables where experts from various domains discuss multiple up to date topics. A psychologist and a representative of the ministry of higher education and scientific research will honor us by hosting our first roundtable. The second roundtable will have invitees from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and Telnet. We, ENIT JUNIOR ENTREPRISE, are proud of this event. And we highly encourage engineering students and firms to join us.

Do not miss this one of a lifetime opportunity!